Sapphire Export

With this application, you can export data from Sapphire that can easily be imported in to Sapphire. You can run this application in interactive mode which allows you to configure this application and/or export the data. This application can be run in automatic mode where you can configure your system (using Task Scheduler) to export the data on a schedule.

Installing Sapphire Export

This section tells you how to install Sapphire Export

Configuring Sapphire Export

This section tells you how to configure Sapphire Export and describes the function of each button on the Sapphire Export dialog screen

Setting up a Scheduled Task

This section tells you how to set up a scheduled task in Window's Task Scheduler to have Sapphire Export run automatically

Preparing Sapphire Export for a New School Year

This section tells you what do do in preparation for your new school year and how to reconfigure Sapphire Export to point to your new BusBoss database.