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Sapphire Export Configuration

Information Needed to Connect to your BusBoss database: In Sapphire Export fill in the information described above

The Database button

You will see the Database screen (below) by default. The following fields need to be filled in to connect to your BusBoss database:  Server, Database, UserName, and Password

Sapphire Export Database Configuration

The Test Button

Click on the Test button to test the connection. You should get a message "Database Connection Succeeded". If the test fails, you probably have the wrong connection information.

The Output button

Click on the Output button on the left hand side of the Sapphire Export dialog screen and you will see the screen below. On this screen, please enter the file location that the data will be exported in to.

Configuration Sapphire Export File Name

The Settings Button

There are various settings used when exporting data to Sapphire.

The Schools button

Click on the Schools button on the left hand side of the Sapphire Export dialog screen to configure the schools to be exported.

Schools are not actually exported. When you select a school or schools, the students that attend those schools will be included in the export data.

The Log button

Click on the Logbutton to view the log information for the Sapphire Export application. The log file includes information about the date and time that the export application is run.

The Export Data button

This button allows you to immediately export the Sapphire data. This button uses the configured settings, including database, output file and settigns.