Pre-Demo Survey

Thank you for your interest in BusBoss. Since BusBoss has a lot to offer, we want to be sure to focus our software presentation on the needs of your district. Please help us by answering the following questions. The information you provide will help us tailor our presentation to more closely address your particular needs.

From experience, we have learned that it may be helpful to consider inviting the following persons to the demo: Transportation Supervisor, Routing & Scheduling Clerks, Business Manager, Tech Person and any other individuals administratively associated with transportation, if possible.

School District Name:

Demo Date:

Start Time:

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Where will the software presentation be conducted?

(building name, exact address, Floor, Room #)

The school district plans to have Orbit Software conduct the demo using a (please check one)

Small Office Area
Meeting room large enough to comfortably fit 5 or more people

Are you planning to invite others to the demo?

If Yes, who is coming? (Please check all that apply)

Attending Title Name
Business Administrator
Transportation Director
Transportation, Routing and/or Scheduling Clerk
Technical Coordinator
Other (Please indicate)

Name of district's student accounting software:

Total number of students enrolled in your school district (Public and Non-Public):

Total number of students transported:

Enrollment Trend:

Does your district contract or own their buses?

Contracted Fleet
Own Fleet

Total number of vehicles in your fleet:

If your district contracts its bus service, does the school district develop the routes used?

How do you currently do your routing & scheduling? (Please check all that apply)

Manually (by hand)
Self-Developed Software
We use software
Name of software:
Contactor creates routes.
Name of Contractor:

What do you like best about the software you currently use (if applicable)?

What do you like least about the software you currently use (if applicable)?

How do you currently do the state report?

Manually (by hand)
Self-Developed Software
We use software
Name of software:
Contactor creates state report.
Name of Contractor:

If you know, can you "Approximate" how long it takes to do the state report?

Would you want a feature which accurately calculates your state report automatically?

Are there plans to undergo redistricting?


Do you have software to assist you in planning for redistricting?

Name Of Software?

Would you be interested in a software program that offers you a virtual turnkey operation (district does very little start up work)?

Are students transferred from one vehicle to another?

Is there any interest within your department in GPS real time tracking?

Of Vehicles?
Of students?  

How do you communicate with your bus drivers while they are out on a route?


If applicable, how many routing and scheduling people work in the transportation office?

If possible, could you describe how are each of them is deployed functionally and whether they work full-time or part-time. For example, does the individual do routing, student changes, state report, or other functions?


From your perspective, what are you hoping to achieve if new transportation software is purchased?

What features/functionality in transportation software are important to your district?

What is the status of Board action on acquiring transportation software?

What is the budget status for this acquisition?

Ideally, if approved by the Board of Education, when would you hope to have your new transportation software fully operational?

In order to meet this goal, when are you anticipating on purchasing software?

Where are you in the process of searching for transportation software? (please check all that apply)

Just Seeing What Is Available
Ready To Purchase
We will purchase next school year.
This is our first presentation.
We have seen other software presentations
This is our final presentation

Would your district be receptive to learning about alternative payment options?

The more transportation-relevant information we are able to learn, the more we can help the district make highly informed decisions which could favorably impact the district's budget, employee morale, and departmental efficiency.

At this point, you may be attempting to determine if we can substantially improve the time and effort it takes for your transportation department to do routing, scheduling and state reporting. On the surface, one might think all we have to do is conduct our software demonstration and then go on our way. This is what most vendors do and, frankly, that is what most school districts have come to expect. As true professionals, we wish to make every reasonable effort to identify the problems and needs of a potential client. The only possible way we can do this is to learn all we can about the district's transportation service.

School district transportation service can be dramatically improved through the use of specialized-comprehensive, yet easy-to-use- transportation software. But, for any vendor to be of real service, we should do more than superficially convince you of the need to purchase our product. For both parties to benefit, Orbit Software should be pro-active and determine, as best we can, what your problems or potential needs are. Our goal is to address those needs and not to rely upon the traditional role of focusing on our product.

Thank you again for your time and effort in filling out this survey. We look forward to the opportunity to present BusBoss to you and your staff.