Customer Survey

Thank you for your participating in the BusBoss V2011 update training workshop. Since BusBoss has a lot to offer, we want to be sure to focus our software on the needs of your district. Please help us by answering the following questions. The information you provide will help us tailor our software and training to more closely address your particular needs.

By completing this survey your name will be entered in a drawing to win an iPad. Each attendee is eligible so please be sure to have each attendee complete a separate survey.

School District Name:

Workshop Date:

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Please answer the following questions:

Did you have any connection issues?

How would you rate the overall look and feel of the new version?

What new features do you like best in BusBoss V2011?

What new features do you like least in BusBoss V2011?

What functionality in BusBoss is most important to your district?

How important is a web version of BusBoss to your district?

What functionality would you like added to BusBoss?

How do you feel your transportation department has benefitted from using BusBoss?

Has there been improvement on areas that were once a concern or are there areas (software or support) that are now a concern for you?

Do you have any outstanding technical/support questions or issues that have not yet been resolved?

When do you plan on Upgrading to Version 2011?

Which of the following advanced training workshops would you be interested in attending?

Import Students
Graduate Students
Fleet Optimization

Do you currently use BusBoss to do the state report?

If not, how do you prepare the state report?

Manually (by hand)
Self-Developed Software
We use software
Name of software:
Contactor creates state report.
Name of Contractor:

If you know, can you "Approximate" how long it takes to do the state report?

Would you want a feature which accurately calculates your state report automatically?

Is there any interest within your department in GPS real time tracking?

Of Vehicles? Of students?

Thank you again for your time and effort in filling out this survey. We sincerely appreciate your loyalty and will take into consideration all of your responses for improving our software and support.